How many materials do I get per volume purchased?


Each volume contains 100+ materials. As of this writing, there's currently one (1) volume available. In the future, if you bought two volumes, you roughly have 200+ materials to work with!

What is the primary difference between the FULL and LITE version?


The FULL version contains all the premium features and has 110 materials while the LITE version only has the bare bones (addon, guides, documentation) and contains 49 materials only.



Can I use this on my commercial projects?


Absolutely! You're free to do this as long as you don't sell and/or redistribute the materials in the raw format and claim exclusive ownership.



Why the cheap price for such high quality?


We believe in empowering the Blender community of artists and this is our way of making it accessible to everyone—students and professionals alike.



Why the hell do I have to pay for it? Can't I just have it for free?


While that might be relatively true, we know that you are essentially paying for the value of the time and effort you'll save in the long run, so you wouldn't have to undergo the difficult experiences yourself—years of culminated research, trials, and errors—and thus you can focus your attention and energy into what truly counts—creating a work of art and producing results in literally a fraction of the time you would have spent from scratch.


But before buying our product—or any other product for that matter—ask yourself these questions:


- "Is the value I pay from purchasing this product worth the time I save?"

- "Do I prevent myself from undergoing the frustrations of research, endless tweaking, and repetitive alterations?"

- "Will I have the freedom to modify this product to tailor to my needs and requirements?"


If the answer to these questions is YES, then you are ready to buy CMV.



How will this help me as an artist?


You won't have to spend your valuable time on reinventing the wheel and figuring out how things work in materials, instead you can spend that time creating your scenes and focusing on more important aspects of art like composition and storytelling.



Will using these materials instantly make me a great artist?


Instantly? No. But over time, the skills and knowledge you acquire from studying, modifying, and utilizing the setups will definitely make you a better artist.



Will I get the updates for free?


Definitely. When there are updates to the volume you purchased, you'll get lifetime updates (given we're still both alive, that is).



What is the resolution of the image textures used in some materials?


To balance out quality and efficiency, we decided to have the textures' size at 2048 x 2048. This ensures that you will have a scene that your system can handle and you have large enough textures that are not pixelized even at closeup renders.



The material looks weird on my model?


Some materials require you to have a UV map to function optimally. To fix this, select your model, go to Edit Mode, and create unwrap your mesh.



How do I make the material look more 3D?


Do this by adding a Displacement on your model using the built-in displacement maps included with CMV. To further guide you on this process, a tutorial is included with the product.



Can I use the materials in other programs/rendering engines?


Technically, no. The materials are specifically designed to work with the Cycles Render engine. But if you have the technical knowledge on translating the existing shaders into compatible materials in your software, that would be better.



Will these materials render fine both on CPU and GPU?


Yes. Also make sure to check the included material guide for important render settings that you need to enable.



Why are "Bump Intensity" and "Displacement Intensity" a separate parameter?


This was a paramount feature that we decided early on. By adjusting the Bump Intensity, you are controlling the finer details of the material while tweaking the Displacement Intensity adjusts the larger surface irregularities.



Are these materials procedural?


Not all of them. As of this writing, there are just some details that procedural textures couldn't achieve yet via Cycles nodes, that's why we decided to use Image Textures instead which are in most cases, faster to render and more manageable. But the entire CMV has been created to have a good balance of procedural textures and image textures.



I don't like what I purchased. Can I get a refund?


Yes, of course! We believe in customer integrity and satisfaction, and if we found out that you're not happy with the product, we are more than willing to give you your money back within 30 days from your original purchase. Shoot us a mail at



What payment methods are available?


You can use PayPal and Credit Card. If your preferred payment method is not available, get in touch at and we'll sort things out for you.



What is the usage license of CMV?


CMV operates a Royalty Free License. With a one-time purchase of any or all of the CMV volumes, you—the licensee—are allowed to use the Cycles Material Vault in perpetuity without paying any additional royalty charges.

You are allowed to modify the contents of CMV and use them in your personal and commercial projects, however, you are not allowed to claim copyright to the raw files of CMV.

Additionally, you are NOT allowed to distribute and/or sell the CMV volumes in their raw format. Restrictions are as follows:

- you are NOT allowed to pack the contents of CMV into your .blend files and distributing them through downloadable content, commercial products, and the like

- you are NOT allowed to redesign the product and sell it as a rebranded package


If something is not clear, feel free to get in touch with us at

Got questions not on FAQ? We'd love to hear from you.