"I found CMV easy and fun to use! It sped up my workflow and produced fantastic results, which is all I could ask for."


Rachel Frick, Student

"CMV is an ultra solid and accurate foundation upon which artists can easily build nearly any material imaginable."


Rico Cilliers, Freelance CG Generalist

"I really love the speed at which the CMV allows me to work. I'm able to complete images in literally half the time."


James Candy, Filmmaker

"This is for any artist looking for high quality cycles materials, easy to import, easy to use, and ready to be rendered!"


Sebastian Zapata, CG Artist/Product Designer

"The Cycles Material Vault is a must-have. It makes the creative process in Blender very easy and quick. Highly recommended."


Sayan Mondal, 3D Artist

"I just love CMV. It’s a hassle-free process."


Souvik Karmakar, Student/Freelancer

"Easy. Flexible. Powerful."


Michael De Leon, CG and Concept Artist/Illustrator

"One of the best things of working with CMV is to look into the amazing node settings and be able to play with it—making CMV almost limitless."


Jonatan Mercado, Freelance 3D Generalist

"CMV is really well-thought and based on experience. It is easy to use and modifiable which makes it very compatible and usable."


Pascal Deraed, Educator and Trainer

"I wish I had this material library a year ago."


Mike Pan, 3D Artist/Programmer/Author

"CMV is the best Blender material pack so far. You not only get ready-to-use materials, but also a solid base for future development."


Piotr Bieryt, Student/3D Artist

"CMV was really fun to use, sometimes we as artists want to quickly get the perfect idea out of our heads, and I really felt that this is moving into the right direction since CMV does exactly that. The idea of simply appending the materials and moving sliders with node groups makes the whole workflow feels the way it should be."


Giovanny Arce, Concept/Game Artist

"I really enjoyed using CMV, it saves lots of valuable time. Plus the materials are really easy to apply. Procedural textures are really handy, I mean I barely tweaked few values and wwoohhaa it becomes a totally new texture, if someone is using it for a big production, I must say it will save lots of time."


Nita Ravalji, Art Director at Weybec Studio

"Creating shaders was always a very time-consuming part of my job, so when I opened CMV for the first time and swept through all these smart and well-documented node groups, it was a joy. Now I can focus on getting things exactly the way I want, instead of spending precious time reinventing the wheel setting everything from scratch each time I start a new project."


Guilherme Henrique, 3D Artist/Art Manager at Blender Guru

"It's beautiful. Not only will CMV save you time with its plethora of amazing materials to be used in all sorts of situations, but you'll be able to study the materials and learn from one of the best shading artists around."


Greg Zaal, Lighting and Shading Artist

"It’s like a bag full of candy—once you start exploring you just can’t stop. It’s a huge game changer."


Mateusz Wielgus, Freelance Architect/CG Artist

"An incredibly polished library from a true master."


Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, Science Educator (Two-Minute Papers)/Research Scientist

"I f@#$%^ng love CMV! It’s easily the best package I’ve had the honour of using. CMV is just brilliant. Darn easy to use and I didn’t really need to edit anything."


Niranjan Raghu, Visual Developer/Lighting Artist/Composer

"I’ve never used a material library previous to CMV. But after experiencing the ease of use, it’s something I plan on doing more. It’s a fantastic tool for getting a base or full materials for your objects. In my case, in use with environments—it’s a fantastic tool! I would highly recommend it to people who need great materials fast and even for people who want to study materials."


Mason Menzies, Student/Freelance 3D Artist

"CMV is an awesome material library which lets you assign shaders to your objects within seconds. Professionals can use it as a start and refine the shaders to their needs. And for beginners it's a great tool to learn more about the endless possibilities of the node-based system."


Manuel Peter, 3D Generalst/Student

"If you need high class materials that render fast and look gorgeous on your objects, use CMV. For me, it transformed dozens of hours creating materials into minutes of tweaking existing ones to my liking. The only thing I found hard to decide was which one of all those beautifully-crafted materials I'll append next—I highly recommended CMV."


Thomas Beck, Blender Foundation Certified Trainer/VFX Artist

"Finally Blender has a professional and easy to use material library—which a lot of users have waited for, including me. With CMV you get nearly everything you need—from materials for rendering your nature, architecture or car scenes to materials for rendering fruits, fabrics, hair, and grass. Every material is explained in detail for non-experienced users and also highly customizable for professionals."


Zacharias Reinhardt, 3D Generalist/Agenzas Brothers Co-Founder/BFCT Trainer

“CMV is a great collection of expertly crafted materials. Not having to worry about certain materials and textures can be a big boost in productivity."


Jonathan Lampel, 3D Artist/Trainer

"Brilliant resource for either deconstructing how a material was put together or getting you up and running on a new scene simply and quickly."


Aidy Burrows, Environment Artist/3D Generalist/Instructor at CGMasters.net

“Wow, what a goldmine! Reynante's materials, tutorials, and of course renders have always been top notch, and to have all these resources here in one place is just awesome. In addition to the materials, the complete scenes are included as Blender files for all of the images in the trailer. These alone are invaluable for learning to create great renders."


Tony Mullen, Blender Instructor/Author/Filmmaker

"The Cycles Material Vault fills a void in Blender by adding a vast selection of pro-quality, pre-made materials."


Gottfried Hofmann, Blender Foundation Certified Trainer/VFX Artist

“CMV brings your imagination to life."


Yan Blanco, Freelance Artist

"Just one word—awesome. Very simple and user-friendly materials; and very easy to use for getting quick results."


Pratik Solanki, Co-founder/Director at Weybec Studios

“The CMV really is a great resource of lots of ready to use, easily adjustable, flexible, and useful materials for cycles. What I find especially nice is what awaits you inside that group node: a clean, understandable layout of plausible connections between several nodes and shaders, and most importantly: no bullshit. No overly complicated setup of hundreds of nodes that do some fancy stuff that no one really needs, no silly use of add-shaders where they do not belong, everything looks nice and clean and plausible.

It's a great mix of simplicity and flexibility."


Sebastian König, VFX Artist/Blender Foundation Certified Trainer

"CMV is a solid product which creates great results. It provides the foundation to transform a good scene to great! I'll be looking forward to more CMV releases to simplify my workflow and set my creativity free."


Derek Goff, Civil Engineer/Freelance Digital Artist

“CMV allows me to concentrate on what I do best, which is 3D scanning. With CMV, I just pick a material, tweak as needed, and render my scene. Time is money and CMV helps me save both!"


Andrew Bougie, 3D Technology Specialist

"CMV is an invaluable tool whether you simply want to learn more about building complex materials in blender, or just need a quick solution on the job. Quite simply, it's changed my thought process when it comes to materials ENTIRELY. I recommend it highly."


William Oglesby, Freelance 3D Artist

"What I really like about the CMV is its reliability and flexibility.

You just throw a material into your scene and you can absolutely be sure that the huge amount of dedication and experience that are necessary for creating convincing materials have already been done for you!

Superb work. The materials are almost little artworks on their own!"


Lukas Walzer, Industrial Designer/3D Artist

"Finally, a way to make fantastic renders at the blink of an eye!
It doesn't matter how good you are at creating materials, having CMV at hand assists even the greatest artist in so many ways. It is perfect for spicing up details you otherwise would spend so much time on."


Adam Nordgren, 3D Artist

"The speed at which I got results from CMV and the ability to completely
customise for a specific look meant I was able to spend more time
on the fun things in the piece. CMV Is now my new best friend!"


Lachlunn Valente, Graphic Designer/Freelance 3D Artist

"CMV is basically Reynante's young talented kid with endless potential.
You don't want to miss out being the cool kid's friend now do you? No but seriously,don't miss out on the easy-to-use stunning materials,

and some crazy fun!"


Yanal Sosak, Character Artist

"The CMV is the perfect way to breathe photorealism into any scene! 
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate learner, or professional at Blender,

the resilience to simplyappend any material is simply the perfect way to increase confidence and workflow of any scene.​"


Thomas Berard, Student/CG Artist

“I never would have thought that texturing would be this simple—just assign and you have a perfect and accurate material. As an artist, time is our worst nightmare and CMV tackles this problem effectively.”


Ravissen Carpenen, CG Artist

“Texturing was the ultimate pain for me until getting CMV;
it’s a fantastic tool for quickly adding materials to a scene and being sure of a great result. I can now basically texture a large environment in a few minutes, and it doesn’t get better than that!”


Gregory Smith, Generalist/Student/Apprentice Matte Painter


“Flexible. All-purpose. Intuitive.”


Dennis Voroslov, Rendering Artist

“Just snapping with my fingers and... BOOM! Everything looks gorgeous!

That is CMV for me. Instant great Materials with the power to evolve into everything you need to make your work look unique.”

Fabrice Lezzi, Student/Artist


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